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Assam has the highest maternal mortality rate in all of India, partly due to poor maternal health conditions on tea plantations. Nazdeek trains women workers on their maternal health rights and skills needed to demand accountability. In this VR video, see how women partake in community meetings and trainings, and then use their new knowledge to demand government accountability for violations of their rights to health and nutrition.

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Nazdeek has been providing strategic and legal support to Adivasi tea plantation workers in Assam demanding a fair and living wage of Rs. 350 (appx. $5.40).

There have been numerous wins so far, including:

– In 2014, workers’ daily wage increased from Rs. 94 to Rs. 137

– In 2018, workers’ daily wage increased from Rs. 137 to Rs. 167

– In 2018, the Assam government proposed a daily wage of Rs. 351 ($5.40)

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Nazdeek has been working with marginalised communities in Assam and in Delhi since 2012. Over the last year we have achieved some of our biggest victories, yet. This video highlights some of our successes from 2018! This year, we filed 165 complaints with different government authorities, and filed 11 #RightToInformation queries, to help inform our strategies and advocacy. We were also able to secure a better realisation of the #RightToFood for about 2,000 families in #Assam‘s Mazbhat, among other things. Watch the video to know more about our work!

Date: 2018 – 2019



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